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Beyond the Horizon

I didn’t like “As Far As The Eye Can See” it’s praised around a lot of places and I got why it was praised but as an album it bored me. Maybe I have a short attention span, maybe I’m not as intelligent as the people that praised the record, but we’ll see on that one. As far as their follow-up album to that record “Beyond the Horizon” in my eyes the band and their music has improved tenfold. What was bland and boring on “As Far As the Eye Can See” is now deep and thick and rockin’. We knew that this was a great band on the last record, now we know how great this band really is. Everything here has improved so much it’s hard to find a place to begin… the songwriting is better- they’re not trying to get too musically intelligent for their own good- their doing a balancing act between that intelligence and crafting great hook-laden alternative-rock. Yes they lean on one side or the other in places but this stance makes “Beyond the Horizon” a more complete listen than the last record and it’s a way easier to get through this record than it was to get through that record. The music and production is thicker than it was on the last record as well… listen to “Tonight the Sun Will Rise” the overall song is outstanding the way the piano accents the guitars the way the Gareth Jones’ vocals soar in places… it’s a phenomenal track. The other key point where you can tell that they really focused on production is “Flesh and Blood” the ambience at the beginning of the track is a defining moment of the record. Vocally Gareth Jones’ vocals are great throughout and his lyrics or unorthodox and a little weird, but they’re nice as well. People in Planes’ sophomore effort may not be the Radiohead and Coldplay mix everybody thought this band had the potential to be, but it’s People in Planes and that’s not a bad thing. Unpredictable and original is what it was expected to be, unpredictable and original is what came of it. Vastly different from the debut and vastly better too. I liked it; chances are you’ll like it- great stuff from People in Planes.


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