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When someone as talented and successful kind of disappears from the mainstream people wonder what the heck happened to him. You can’t help but think that. The guy was hugely successful and the industry surely wouldn’t be that stupid to miss out on that talent. Well it was- Geffen sat on a solo record from Alex for years- and judging by his first music since “II” it was not a good move. On his EP just titled “Alex Band EP”, Band showcases his voice more than anything- and why not?! It’s one of the purest, most powerful voices in music in general and as far as pop and alternative music I would say that it’s the purest and most powerful voice. Think about somebody that does it as effortless as it seems that he does or anyone that has a powerful voice… it’s unlikely that you’ll think of one. On this EP that’s what drives it home- Alex’s voice. Through the five songs that’s constant and you’d expect it to be. But what isn’t necessarily expected is the strength of the songs. I always thought that he was a good songwriter but this set of five is amazing- it’s better than most of the songs that he did under The Calling moniker. The EP starts with “Only One” which isn’t great necessarily for its instrumentation but it has a great beat behind it, a good melody, and the vocals push it over the top. “Live Again” is the best song of the EP, the guitars are loud and the vocals soar. If this song was pursued as a single I would almost guarantee that it would be a top 10 hit. “Rest of Our Lives” is a song that sounds like it belongs on Camino Palmero its strength is in its melody in the chorus and as mentioned frequently in this review-the vocals are freakin’ amazing. “Fame” is a decent track and the most different on this record- it’s not as likable as the other four but it definitely speaks to the listener as far as content goes. “Here With You I’m Found” is the second-best song on the EP, the strings throughout are incredibly heartfelt- it pushes you a little bit emotionally if you’ve found that person in your live- something that not a lot of songs can do these days… The strings push you- and Band’s vocals turn an excellent song into a perfect ending for this EP. This EP is a worth picking up for anyone who liked anything related to The Calling- these five songs are some of Band’s best work and deserve your attention. This isn’t just something you should check out- it’s something you need to.


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