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Low Vs. Diamond

Low Vs. Diamond

When “Mr. Brightside” came out, most people just thought it was a catchy tune that wouldn’t last very long. Who knew that The Killers would influence dozens of bands and be a part of shaping music for the next five years… I wasn’t in that group, but that’s where we’re at with Low Vs. Diamond- they sound a lot like The Killers, I mean a lot like The Killers, they could be called Killers Jr. or one of those knock off bands on Napster…. “A Tribute to the Killers.” You’d like to think that Low vs. Diamond does their own thing, but really they don’t- it’s spooky how eerily similar Low Vs. Diamond is the Killers. This album could have been made by Flowers and Co. All that aside, this set isn’t as good as any Killers set but it does have it’s moments- the first five songs are damn good, the last seven are decent and the overall record is a solid piece of work. The lyrics are the one quality that can set these guys apart from other bands in this particular sub genre. Lyric choices are odd at best, but they’re cool to listen to, especially on tracks like “Killer B.” Low vs. Diamond isn’t going to make a huge splash on this record, but they prove that they’re capable at least. It’s hard to gauge Low vs. Diamond on this release because you partly feel that it isn’t theirs, on the next record we’ll see what these guys can do.


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