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Mandi Perkins

Alice In No Man's Land

With Mandi Perkins there are two big strengths… her first strength is her voice. It’s somewhere between Stevie Nicks and Jewel. At times it’s great to listen to, at other times it’s a little tedious, just like both of those artists. Her other strength is her musical intelligence- her songs are catchy like any other female pop artist, but there are underlying intricacies to her instrumentation in those songs that make them stronger than their melody. Those are the two strengths for Perkins and what makes her album “Alice in No Man’s Land” a good listen, but Perkins’ fault is her consistency. There’s never a drop off to what she’s doing, it’s just constantly good throughout and it never has a weak moment for you to appreciate the good moments. But on the flip side of that there’s also a problem with there being no elite moment on the record to push it over the top. The first track- “Why Pretend” comes close- it’s a track she wrote with OneRepbulic’s Ryan Tedder who has a few credits on the record, but other than that, there’s no standout single, no shudder moment, and no elite song on this album. So while it’s great, it could have been better as a set, that’s the summary on “Alice in No Man’s Land.” But when you talk about Perkins as a vocalist, she’s damn good and when you talk about Perkins as a musician she’s also damn good. If you want to listen to a female singer/songwriter that rocks a little bit- here’s your pick, but don’t expect to listen to this constantly- more for a nice change of pace.


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