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Scars on Broadway

Scars on Broadway

Scars on Broadway's debut album is what you'd expect from any project remotely related to System of a Down; it's a little bizarre, but musically it's also excellent. Daron Malakian has come out with something that- yes draws some Armenian influences like System of a Down but it's far more punk than anything System of a Down ever did and draws from more mainstream influences than System of a Down did. Malakian's voice is definitely high and I always found it a little annoying, but here it works. I think the main reason why it works on this record is because he's in control of the music around it. The guy is an outstanding guitarist and a very intelligent musician so he crafts his riffs to go along with his voice. The other part of System that's on this record is drummer John Dolmayan- he does an adequate job of drumming on this record as well. I wouldn't think that this stuff would be as challenging as System of a Down stuff because System of a Down stuff is so sporadic but this stuff is definitely faster paced than a lot of System stuff so you've got to give him credit in that aspect. Lyrically the content is very political and socially aware- which is what you'd expect from Malakian- but his style is a lot different that Serj's- he plays on jokes a little bit in his lyrics- which is interesting. I've heard rumors about this becoming a full time gig for Malakian and Dolmayan with System not even getting back together which is totally believable. Both Dolmayan and Malakian can make a living with Scars on Broadway- the debut album is a testament to that.


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