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There’s no denying that this Boulder, CO duo has talent but there’s also no denying that this particular set can be obnoxious. It’s hip-hop meets pop punk and it’s not very good. The beats leave something to be desired, the lyrics really leave something to be desired, and even the packaging leaves something to be desired. Generally the album leaves something to be desired. There’s talent here- it’s just not evident on this album with what these guys are trying to do. Everything’s too over the top like the band is trying too hard, and when it’s not over the top it just doesn’t make sense- it’s not like it won’t make sense to me- it’s like it won’t make sense to anyone… it’s rough. I have a hard time bashing anything that comes in front of me- I rarely do it save on special occasions. Art is art and in some form in can be appreciated but this can’t be appreciated. If you’re looking for some pop punk with a tinge of hip-hop and R&B hit up Forever the Sickest Kids or The Maine, or someone like that- but these guys even though they didn’t get artistic necessarily tried to do too much with too little and put out a floater. It’s rough to give anything this horrible of a review- but on this special occasion it’s warranted. “Richman” isn’t a terrible track, but after that “Want” will leave you Wanting.


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