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Anthony Green’s solo debut is a different kind of solo album- Green’s been writing some of this material for twenty years and some of it is relatively new but even though each song sounds different from the next they all collectively group into a type of autobiographical/personality profile of Green. It’s great to listen to and although I can’t really identify exactly what each song means you hear mentions of drugs, of turmoil, and suffering and you can kind of figure it out. There’s also an optimistic vibe to a lot of the songs making the set that much better. Green’s solo album is kind of like a foot-note on his career because he’s always been a band guy. Not because he doesn’t have the chops or the ability to do so, it’s just that he prefers to work in a group. Anthony Green’s “Avalon” is a must listen for anyone who admires or has ever admired his work. If you’re a big Saosin fan, if you’re a big Circa fan, even if you’re a fan of The Sound of Animals fighting then it’s incredible to listen to Green take on acoustic, alt-country, and a number of different genres. It’s not going to garner Green more attention than he already gets… he’s kind of in the underground of the talented front-men. What this album does is fairly simple. It just shows off more of Green’s talent. This is definitely something to sample- it kind of reminds me of Ryan Adams meeting the Emo genre- it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely good.


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