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Rev Theory

Light It Up

Rev Theory has in recent times followed a similar path to Skillet. Treading water in the mediocrity of nu metal yet with loads of potential to move forward under the right guidance. Skillet made the transition from ‘Collide’ to mainstream success with the release of the outstanding ‘Comatose’ album. Rev Theory released the aggressive yet ordinary ‘Truth is Currency’ in 2005 under the moniker Revelation Theory. Like Skillet, Rev Theory have drafted in producer extraordinaire Brian Howes to add the commercial bite to the proceedings. As well as being recorded in Vancouver in his own Van Howes recording studio in Vancouver, Howes also co writes the opening two songs, the thumping anthem ‘Hell Yeah’ and the hooky hard rock of ‘Favourite Disease’. Indeed on the more aggressive songs such as the Bob Marlette penned ‘Falling Down’ the band come across like Skillet with Rich Luzzi’s gravel throated vocals reminiscent of John Cooper. ‘Ten Years’ is a huge power ballad complete with spine tingling hook whilst closer-again Skillet-like in its guitar and vocal attack illustrates Rev Theory’s ability to harness melody to face melting heaviness.
With hardly a poor moment on the entire album, Rev Theory have upped the ante with ‘Light It Up’ and produced a mainstream rock album that one of the best that 2008 has to offer.


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