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There are few times when I listen through something that is legitimately independent where I can listen and say- these guys are ready. Negative Space is ready. Their album “Storylines” is one of my favorite independent albums of this year. They’re ready on multiple levels. Everything on this album was produced nicely, which is important for a mainstream-rock record. Kirk Kelsey did a great job of producing. I’m not real familiar with his work, but he’s talented. The mastering was also done nicely on this record- Mark Wilder at Battery Studios did a solid job on this record as well. With Negative Space on “Storylines” the MVP of this record goes to Josh Nice. Every once in a while you hear a voice that’s completely original- Clayton Stroope of Thriving Ivory has one of those voices. And Josh Nice does too. His voice is high-pitched for being the vocalist of a mainstream-rock band- but it works because Nice sings with so much passion and energy; and the band behind him- as far as individual performances on this album- everything is great in that aspect. Songs on this record that will become underground favorites for bands that are like the next big thing in circles- “Diaries” and “Ashes” are the ones that stand out the most. Negative Space is ready for the big-time. Obviously this type of band isn’t for every label out there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. or Wind-Up or somebody like that picked them up in the near future. This is a great band.


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