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The End Begins

Hugo Ferreira makes a comeback with Tantric, but he’s basically the only one coming back with Tantric which is filled out by a bunch of guys on other Silent Majority bands and a few other guys. Nothing against Jeff Hanson, but this is his current push- taking bands that were big six years ago that suffered from the Napster boom whose label’s couldn’t cope with the changes. It’s a pretty good tactic, and I’ve enjoyed seeing Course of Nature and Tantric come back through with more music, but Hugo Ferreira without the guys from Days of the New doesn’t really work as well as it did with those guys. On the previous two Tantric albums their sound was thick, it was tight and it was enjoyable. Maverick didn’t do a good job promoting the band, but at least they put some decent money in to make a good project. That didn’t happen at all points with “The End Begins.” I’m not attacking SMG here, because I don’t think that budget had anything to do with this, I just don’t think that Tantric now works as well as Tantric did five years ago. Hugo sounds years older here, and time didn’t do his voice good in all aspects. The bass and depth of it is still there it’s just got a tingy-rasp to it that doesn’t work on all of these songs. That’s my Hugo rant, and I love the guy but this band isn’t the same and should’ve went under a different moniker. All that aside, I would have to say that seven of these eleven songs are good- but the main part of this album that suffers is at the beginning. “Regret” and “Down & Out” are supposed to be the singles off of this album- the mix/master is terrible on “Regret” it’s almost like they didn’t even try on the track, and “Down & Out”- even though it’s a single, sounds like a bad 50 Cent rap. It’s not good. After that “The One” comes on and most of this album gets better, but those first two songs are hard to get through. Tantric isn’t Tantric anymore, it’s not fair to this version of the band to compete with that version of the band. Hugo’s amazing in his own right, but so were the guys behind him on the first two albums. Hugo should still keep making music, that’s a definite- but I don’t know if I would encourage him to keep using the Tantric name.


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