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Only Through The Pain

Trapt’s self-titled debut back in ’02 was a great album, probably one of my favorite debut albums of all time, but ‘05’s “Someone In Control” was a definite letdown. The problem separating the two albums is pretty simple… melody. The first album was highly melodic, “Echo”, “These Walls”, “Made of Glass”- these were the strongest songs on that album and their strength was melody. Even “Headstrong” was catchy in the chorus… “Someone in Control” lacked that strength- there were only two songs with comparable melody- “Use Me to Use You” and “Bleed Like Me” and it was too little too late with those two tracks on that sophomore album. It’s not a big shocker to see Chris Brown and Trapt put more of a focus on that in there new album. The front half of this album is chuck-full of potential singles. Trapt and Eleven-Seven even went so far as to hire the king of the rock-chorus… Dave Bassett- to co-write a couple of songs with them. The first three songs on this edge towards the harder side of Trapt with “Wasteland”, “Who’s Going Home with You Tonight”, and “Contagious”- but all of these songs keep the melody in tact. After that you hear a considerably softer side of Trapt that hasn’t really been explored with “Black Rose”, “Ready When You Are”, and “Forget about the Rain.” All of these songs are types of songs that haven’t really been done by Trapt before this album and it’s nice to hear some experimentation and some growth that’s sensible to the band’s limits. “Only Through the Pain” isn’t better than the band’s debut album, but its close, and it’s better in bounds than “Someone in Control.” “Only Through the Pain” is Trapt’s most accessible material to date, and there’s potential for a solid five radio singles, some across multiple formats to push sales of this album. This is a good set that Chris Brown and Co. can be proud of.


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