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Less Than Jake leave a major label… that’s a headline that’s been done before. Less Than Jake start their own label… that’s an expected headline- after all, Vinnie founded Fueled By Ramen and is extremely intelligent when it comes to all things music business. Less Than Jake put out an album that’s about and dedicated to Gainesville? I didn’t see that one coming. Much of this album is a return to the bands first three albums, it’s almost like those albums were rereleased to connect that material with this one. Still, you go through this album and everything is harsher and dirtier than it was on the shiny “In With The Out Crowd”- that’s probably a little bit to do with a smaller production budget, but it’s such an effective way to listen through Less Than Jake that it works perfectly. “Does the Lion City Still Roar?” is a great example of the dirty sound that doesn’t just dominate this record it succeeds on it. This might be an intentional return to LTJ’s roots. But what’s wrong with that? They’ve got some great roots. I don’t think that this is the best LTJ album, but anything’s better than “In With the Out Crowd” as a whole. There’s not much for a single choice on this album, but the entire album plays like a complete album and a complete listen, something that hasn’t happened since “Hello Rockview.” It’s not a necessary album of 2008, but it will make Less Than Jake fans happy and that actually touches a lot of people so it works.


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