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The Maine

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

The Maine’s debut full “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” starts out mostly terrible. They’re not horrible songs, but the first three songs on the album “Everything I Ask For”, “We All Roll Along”, and “Girls Edo What They Want” are all designed in pop punk genre that’s slightly influenced by R&B/dance. In other words they’re like Forever the Sickest Kids and Powerspace songs. It’s not a bad genre of music, it just isn’t The Maine. It’s not until track 4 with “I Must Be Dreaming” until The Maine comes out an distinguishes itself as a solid band. Any pop punk band from Arizona is going to have some influences from Jimmy Eat World; The Maine uses some unique guitar riffs like Jimmy Eat World does but they don’t usually drive the song they insinuate the melody. You can hear a lot of Jimmy Eat World in the middle of this record, whether that’s meant to be or not is another story but it still works. The middle of the record is great track 4 through 8 are the strongest tracks on the album with special mention going to “I Must Be Dreaming” and “Into Your Arms.” The end of the album drops off quite a bit, they get back into the dance/pop-punk thing with track 11, “You Left Me.” And the final track on the record “We’ll All Be” isn’t the best closing track I’ve ever heard. The Maine have something to grow from their debut full “Can’t, Stop, Won’t Stop” it’s a good record with some great songs. It’s going to be fun to hear these kids grow up from this record to the next record, and I’m excited to see where they’ll go next.


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