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Capital Lights

This is an Outrage!

Capital Lights is the start of the new generation of Tooth & Nail artists. Mae moved on to Capitol, Anberlin moved on to Universal Republic, Thousand Foot Krutch will be the next Tooth & Nail artist to move on, and they need a new set of bands to be as successful as those bands were. Capital Lights has the best chance out of anybody on the Tooth & Nail roster to do that. Their debut album “This is an Outrage” draws several comparisons with TFK- the thickness of the guitars the general sonic tricks used by producer Aaron Sprinkle- all of that stuff can be linked to TFK but with a catch. Instead of being a hard rock band, Capital Lights is a rock band that meets about halfway between rock and pop punk. Lead singer Bryson Phillips can write some great melodies, the last time I heard melodies in pop punk that were as good as this was on October Falls’ Fueled By Ramen debut. They’re not just ordinary melodies; they’re complex and that’s what makes Capital Lights stand out from the rest of the pack- listen through “Mile Away” on the album and you’ll understand what makes this band special. A lot of bands have problems with sounding repetitive on their debut album; Capital Lights suffers from this slightly more than others. From song to song with a few exceptions most of these songs sound alike more than they should. Still, the sound is good because the band is good and this a solid album in a string of many that you can expect from these guys from Tulsa.


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