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Graffiti The World

I’m not sure how Rehab got a second chance with a major label and it’s pretty much the weirdest label situation in 2008 with Epic kind of trying to undermine Universal Republic’s Rehab debut. The first two songs on this album ARE HORRIBLE, not good, not good at all. And it if you randomly start this record knowing nothing about Rehab there’s a good chance that this would turn you off of them on a permanent basis… Luckily for this record though it gets quite a bit better after that, climaxing with “Bartender Song” a classic track that’s pretty-much an anthem to anyone that’s ever lived in a trailer park. Other than that the album is at it’s strongest through the last five songs which you can hear more singing than rapping and more guitars and less beats; generally it’s more melodic and thus better. Rehab’s Universal Republic debut isn’t anything to admire for years to come and it’s not going to win any awards, but it’s still a good album that’s better than you would expect for something that was pretty much unexpected.


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