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For Johnny Schou to be found dead in his apartment the day before his album was to be released is tragic, horribly tragic. When listening through Tickle Me Pink's debut album "Madeline" you can tell how talented Schou was, his bass rhythms are excellent throughout the album and he was a big part of Tickle Me Pink's sound. He will be sorely missed by his bandmates and the rest of the world missed out on hearing more of his talent that he surely had to deliver. Although it will be extremely tough to go on, Tickle Me Pink can do it. All of the members of the band had extensive experience in music before joining together as a band and their unique brand of music is definitely a branch from that fact. When listening through their debut album you can hear sounds of System of a Down, American Hi-Fi, The Used, At the Drive In, and even some old era doo-wap. The album is a fun but intense experience to listen to with some dark lyrics, hard guitars, and some excellent hooks. Tickle Me Pink can move on without Johnny Schou but he helped lay the foundation of a band that has an extremely bright future. Madeline is a great debut and a beast of its own. It's a solid debut from a band that should make lots of great records.


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