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Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory

Wind Up Records won the lottery when signing Thriving Ivory. If there was a no-brainer band signing in the past ten years this would be it. These guys have an intense focus on piano (hence the name) that sells records these days. Pianist Scott Jason is the genius behind Thriving Ivory, coming up with some of genius songs musically AND lyrically. There’s not a ‘weak’ song on their debut album, the brunt of them are from their independent release, and some songs are too good not to be better than some of the others. From song to song this is a record that you’ll listen to over and over again and Scott Jason can take a lot of the responsibility for that fact. If Jason is the brilliance behind Thriving Ivory then Clayton Stroope is the driving force that gives the band a unique identity and makes them stand head and shoulders above any independent band to come out of the ranks over the past three years. Clayton’s voice has a unique tone to it that isn’t just enjoyable to listen to; it’s also an awe-inspiring experience throughout moments on the record. The whole independent release is being rereleased by Wind-Up on this record, but with a few bonus tracks. The fan-favorites are on this record; “Angels on the Moon”, “Hey Lady”, “Overrated”, “Unhappy”, and “Twilight.” But the bonus tracks are equally as genius, in particular “Alien.” Thriving Ivory is one of the best bands to come out in recent years. They’ve got an incredible sound and an ability to write music that’s passionate and relatable. Their debut album for Wind Up proves that with every song. If you haven’t heard any Thriving Ivory stuff yet, you HAVE to check them out, and you have to listen to more than a single because this entire album is brilliant. It loses half a star for it being a couple of years old, but other than that nothing can be criticized. Awesome record.


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