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Ghosts of A Brilliant Past

Atlanta rockers Honestly return with their brand new EP “Ghosts of a Brilliant Past”. After the brilliance of their debut release “Have a Nice Life”, it was hard to imagine that the band could make another record as impressive as their debut. From the opening chords of the first track “Answer” it becomes apparent that this band is picking up right where they left off - great melodies, strong hooks, and sincere lyrics. Honestly is definitely an appropriate name for this band that’s biggest strength is the honest lyrics that they pour into every song. This is most apparent on one of the strongest tracks of the EP, “Another Fool” a brilliantly written, emotionally charged song that will catch the ear of the most casual listener. The album closes out with a beautiful piano version of the song “Run”, a song originally found on the band’s debut album. Honestly also displays a greater musical maturity on this record on songs like “Beautiful Release” and “Why Won’t You” which both feature layered guitars and tight arrangements, two elements rarely heard on the bands debut. The raw talent and incredible potential this band possesses over flows on many of the tracks on this EP, further exposing the implausible fact that this band is still unsigned.


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