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Cute is What We Aim For


Cute is What We Aim For’s debut “The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch” did amazing for a Fueled By The Ramen debut- at the time of it’s release it sold more than other Fueled By Ramen record had ever sold in it’s first week, but that record was a little disappointing as a whole. The singles were great but the rest of the record was brutally incomplete. Flash forward to now and a more mature Shaant Hacikyan and a different producer and you’ve actually got a decent pop punk record. Basically this a better set of songs… written and performed. “Practice Makes Perfect” is one of my favorite singles of the summer and the rest of the album is pretty solid as a whole. There is maybe one throwaway track in “Hollywood” which is kind of like a poor man’s “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” but even the instrumentation and horn use pulls you through that song. The easy choice for a second single is “Marriage to Millions”- which actually has a better hook than “Practice Makes Perfect” so you might want to look out for that one in the fall. Other than the songs just being better songs pinpointing why this is a better CIWWAF album is easy. It’s because Shaant Hacikyan fronts the album with more affliction and maturity. His confidence is up and you can tell that he made a conscience effort to get better. Recently we’ve been seeing the death of the old pop punk stalwarts that have been with us for the past ten years. New Found Glory went into obscurity with an independent hardcore album, and Yellowcard and The Starting Line went on ‘indefinite hiatus’, but this second generation- the Fueled By Ramen generation/ synth-use generation is going strong. Cute is What We Aim for is definitely a big part of that movement. How big of a part of that they are depends on how big of a success this album is. Predictions/projections aside, this is the best pure pop-punk album of ’08 regardless of that not being all that difficult of a task. It has it faults, but it’s more good than bad.


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