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Small Town Sleeper


While Small Town Sleeper might not be a band destined for blockbuster success, they are definitely a capable, good band to listen to who kind find a home on a major label. These guys write some decent rock ballads, something they go back to reverently throughout their album “…Conversations.” They write some good rock ballads with some decent hooks. Their best song is “Backseat”, it’s got a good melody in the chorus and the song is decent throughout- definitely the best song on the album. Small Town Sleeper’s best commodity is its lead singer. Troy Brown has a voice that’s reminiscent to Austin Winkler of Hinder, although it’s slightly better because it’s not as garbled and it delivers hooks well ala “Backseat.” Other tracks of Small Town Sleepers to check out include “Blue Skies Red” and “The Part That Walks Away.” So maybe these guys aren’t the next big thing, they’re definitely a good band to check out on the independent scene and it wouldn’t be completely unheard of for a band like this to get on the radio and to a major label deal, they write some decent songs and they’re relatively tight as a band. Worth checking out.


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