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It wasn’t totally out of the blue for Jakob Dylan to launch a solo career. Launching a solo career at this point in his career though, was probably the most brilliant thing that he could have done. If he came out as a solo artist people would just think that he was riding his father’s coat tails. Instead he did the Wallflowers and rode that until its death. Now instead of just being the son of the best folk singer/songwriter of all time channeling his dad, he’s got an added amount of credibility that he established on his own. To my knowledge, that type of thing has never been done before. The only thing more amazing than Dylan’s self-established credibility is his debut solo album. The production is perfect, (done by Rick Rubin) and even though you can tell that it’s Jakob Dylan you can also tell who he’s related to. He’s channeling his father a ton on this record, possibly more than he should, but it definitely doesn’t sound bad. The folk/blues style of Bob Dylan can’t be replicated… unless it’s by his son and then it works. The Dylan draw is in Jakob’s voice with this record- he countries up a little bit in order to sing this type of folk/blues music. And his acoustic guitar work is excellent throughout the entire album. Possibly where he’s channeling his father the most is through songwriting- everything on this album wouldn’t fit on a Wallflowers record but could easily go on any of Dylan’s work. It’s written that well. Every song on the album is amazing but the best one’s come early. “Evil is Alive and Well”, “Valley of the Low Sun”, and “All Day and All Night” aren’t just great songs they’re special songs. Jakob Dylan’s debut solo album is a great set produced by Rick Rubin and a great piece of artistic work. Fans of his dad will love this record, fans of the Wallflowers will too. Great album.


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