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Highly successful fronting the band Matchbox Twenty, it is easy to assume that Rob Thomas could easily spin off a solo career. After all, he’s the chief song writer for a band that scored a plethora of top ten hits with just three albums, not to mention his Grammy winning solo project with Santana. Thomas also once again tapped producer Matt Serletic, the producer of all three Matchbox Twenty records and the man credited for discovering Thomas. Seemingly all the pieces were in place, but somewhere along the way, Thomas has forgot just what attracted fans to his music in the first place – staying true to the music. When Matchbox Twenty splashed onto the scene in the late 90’s, the radio was saturated with over commercialized, boy bands and teeny boppers that had synthesized music backing lyrics so clearly written to attract a specific audience and sell records. Matchbox Twenty changed all that by with the success of a record that attracted people to its honest lyrics, written from the heart, and music that was cranked out by real instruments, not processed through a computer. Unfortunately, Rob Thomas has become just what his band set out not to be, with tracks filled with over produced, synthesized music and lyrics the do very little to even find common ground with the listener, once one of the things that Thomas did best. It’s understandable that songwriters release solo records to expand their horizons, and experiment with new sounds, and new writing styles. But this record does very little in the way of experimentation; instead it sounds a lot like everything else you hear on pop radio today. If anything, this album will definitely put an end to all those who speculated that Rob Thomas was the only reason for Matchbox Twenty’s success, because after listening to this record it’s very clear, Matchbox Twenty needs Rob Thomas, and Rob Thomas really needs Matchbox Twenty.


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