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Katy Perry

One of the Boys

Van Wilder said it best, ‘Sex sells Gwen, sex sells.” And that’s what Katy Perry is doing with her debut album “One of the Boys.” Her lead single “I Kissed a Girl” is about well…. Perry kissing a girl. The song is catchy, contagious, brash, and harmless and it’s definitely doing something for Perry (the video doesn’t exactly hurt matters.) On “One of the Boys” that’s basically a theme, not kissing a girl, but the brash/harmlessness that can sell records when told from a female perspective to the younger female crowd. Pink does it, albeit a little more heartfelt, but she definitely does the same thing that Perry is doing. On “One of the Boys” the number of big name producers/songwriters working alongside Perry is insane. She’s got Butch Walker, The Matrix, & Glen Ballard and that’s just to name a few, all of the production on the record isn’t just capable it’s borderline perfect and that production makes this into a great pop record. Perry however, is what sells those records. Her voice is a bit of a mimic at times; she echoes Alanis, Avril, Pink, and even Michelle Branch in a few places, something that can’t hurt when trying to make a successful pop record. And Perry’s lyrical work is perfectly demoed to the younger female crowd, whether that’s on “You Can’t Afford Me”, “Hot n Cold”, or “Waking Up in Vegas”- all of these songs have great lyrical work by Perry with some amazing hooks. Perry’s debut is a pop record… yes it may be a little shallow, but you’re not going to listen to this record to change your life. It’s fun and upbeat, brash and humorous and well produced. It’s nothing that’s going to wow you, but it definitely will entertain you.


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