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Snakes & Arrows: Live

It’s pointless to critique a band that’s as old, as good, and as well-known as Rush. Geddy Lee has an awesome voice, Neil Pert is the best drummer alive, and Alex Lifeson can rip off some nice solos. Every member shines as usual on Rush’s new live album, their fifth live album, “Snakes & Arrows Live.” “Snakes & Arrows Live” is the live follow up to 2007’s “Snakes & Arrows” which was the first album by Rush in five years and critically acclaimed for bringing a rougher/harsher/darker Rush to the forefront. On “Snakes & Arrows Live” nine of the twenty-seven songs on the two disc set are from Rush’s last studio outing and all of them are performed will here. As for the rest of the album there are a few songs left off, but the necessary Rush is covered- “Tom Sawyer”, “XYZ”, “Spirit of Radio” and “Limelight” are all here and performed well. The only beef to be had with this set is the master/mix isn’t as good as it could be with what’s available with technology these days (Green Day’s “Bullet in a Bible” is how good all live albums should sound.) Even still, Rush doesn’t need a lot of help with technology to sound good. This is a staple for any Rush fan, and if you’ve never taken the dive and dug into any Rush this is as good as a place as any to start. Neil Pert is an amazing drummer to listen to, Alex Lifeson has some killer solos on this live set, and Geddy Lee hasn’t sounded this good since being accompanied by Bob and Doug McKenzie.


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