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Where It Ends

Clive Davis may not be at the top of his game anymore, but the guys still knows good music, maybe better than anyone on the planet. Word is, that when Clive heard Steve Sulikowski and 16 Frames for the first time he signed them on the spot. Things have looked better for Clive, but things have never looked better for major label act turned independent artist 16 Frames. The band is the brain-child of front man Steve Sulikowski who can write melodies with any of the greats of the past 20 years. Sulikowski is an amazing songwriter channeling melody style from Rob Thomas, Steven Jenkins, and pretty much every quality front man of the past two decades. The band’s new album “Where it Ends”-even though it’s an independent release- was recorded while the band was on RCA and was produced Matt Serletic of Matchbox 20 lore. Serletic did a great job with the album, but the true star of the disc is definitely Sulikowski. From start to finish there’s not a song that’s not well crafted. Most are written about broken/battered relationships that bleed with emotion. The single “Back Again”, which was actually released to radio weeks before 16 Frames got out of their record deal is a defining song about a relationship on the ropes but still fighting to survive. “Coming Home” is a potential single, and “Where It Ends”- the title track which was featured in “The Hills” is not only an excellent choice for a single for these guys, but if it falls into the right person’s hands with radio it could do some serious chart topping. 16 Frames is a band of major label talent that operates on an independent basis. The deal with RCA didn’t work out because of industry choices and it was the band’s decision to leave the label. Now instead of being an act with a one and done on a major they got their master back and have potential to do some serious damage on the independent circuit. A year or two down the road who knows what happens with 16 Frames, something similar happened with OneRepublic and look what happened to them. One thing is certain, 16 Frames has the talent- they have surpassed potential- to do some incredible things in music.


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