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Stop Drop and Roll!!!

Green Day releasing a garage, roots-rock album is what’s happening with Foxboro Hot Tubs, whether they admit it or not. The band has always had affection for oldies/classic pop music, just ask anyone who had they honor of seeing them on the pop sucks tour five years ago. But Foxboro Hot Tubs' brings that affection to a whole different level- almost in a mimicking fashion the band channels some of the great pop acts from the 60's in guitar, vocals, drums, production, and even packaging. They've put together an album that's loveable because of its light hearted creative direction. It's not something that can be listened to over and over, but it is something that can be pulled out of anyone's Green Day stash and enjoyed once in a while. The band is having fun on this album like they've never had fun before. "American Idiot" brought an incredible amount of prestige to Green Day and the outlook for another new album has fans slobbering at the bit for another classic. In a way, that’s why Green Day had to throw a wrench into the machine to shake things up a little bit, that's why this album is this album. The band has a lot of fun channeling 60's greats and you can tell. Not to be listened to over and over by everyone but something that should be listened through at least once.


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