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The renaissance of the female singer/songwriter continues with a very talented Charlotte Sometimes. Her new album "Waves & the Both of Us" isn't the best female singer/songwriter album to come out this year (although it certainly is good), but it definitely ranks high as both the most original and the most creative. Sometimes has an amazing voice, that's first and foremost. When she's just singing a sultry, slow verse it's compelling, and when she’s pushing herself into a higher range it's incredibly impressive. What's more impressive about her is that she writes all of her own music (with some help on some songs.) She proves to be an incredibly capable songwriter throughout "Waves & the Both of Us", coming up with some nice melodies and some decent, albeit brash lyrics. The lone problem with "Waves and the Both of Us" doesn't lie with Sometimes. She's awesome on this album. The only problem with this album is that the music- not really music- loops/production in spots- morphs the music Charlotte Sometimes is singing into something that it's really not. This happens on "AEIOU" and some other places on the album. That problem is minimal in comparison to Sometimes' performance but it's still a bit of a problem because it doesn't allow her to be all she can be in spots. All of the songs on this album should be like "In Your Apartment" which has some nice horns and a great arrangement to it. And if songs can't be like that with some actual music for Sometimes to sing in front of they should be like either the title track on the album which has an amazing melody or the single "How I Could Just Kill a Man" which is generally well-written. Minor production problems aside, Charlotte Sometimes has one of the best solo albums this summer, she's very talented and extremely unique. You'll hear more from her this summer with a Warped Tour spot and a potential hit single in "How I Could Just Kill a Man."


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