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3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down's fourth studio set comes in high demand. With an amazing fan base the band's new self-titled album debuted in first place on the billboard charts, and with good reason. While I'd stop short of calling this the best 3 Doors Down album to date, I will say that it's a step up from "Seventeen Days", which was in fact a good album. Brad Arnold and co. hit hard with the first three songs on the album- all three are technically singles and we're only a week or two into the release. "Citizen/Soldier" is great in content but even better with the instrumentation and percussion throughout. "Train" is the hardest song that the band has ever done- it's just a huge southern song that drives the listener throughout. And "It's Not My Time" is your typical 3 Doors Down single. It's got a great riff in the middle of it that's thick enough to grab the listener, but not too thick that lead man Brad Arnold can't overpower it with his voice. After those three songs the album doesn’t really let up. There are lots of acoustic/softer songs on the album like "Let Me Be Myself" and "It's The Only One You've Got" that have some of the more melodic choruses from what we've heard of 3 Doors Down stuff. And then there's songs like "These Days" and "Pages" that start out hard and move into slower versions of themselves like the band did on "Away From the Sun." Not much has changed with 3 Doors Down since "Away From the Sun", but not much was really expected to. You don't mess with a formula that works and 3 Doors Down doesn't go away from that. Big guitars, a lot of monster ballads and Brad Arnold's perfect voice for mainstream rock makes 3 Doors Down the awesome band it is. All of those traits in addition to twelve of the best songs that the band has put out makes this self-titled disc one of their best.


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