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Chad Perrone


Chad Perrone faced a long hard climb to emerge as a solo artist after his success with the band Averi, but from the sounds of his second solo album ‘Wake,’ it would appear that Perrone is well on his way. While it would be hard to top the raw emotion expressed on Perrone’s debut, this album comes very close and soars past in several other areas. If there’s one significant enhancement that shines through on this record in comparison with his debut, its Perrone’s confidence in his songwriting. From his delivery of the opening track, “Crying” its clear that Perrone now has the confidence as a solo artist that he once had as a lead singer. As is the case with all of Perrone’s music, this album contains music inspired by his personal life, but unlike past recordings, this album does contain a fair amount of slightly more optimistic songs, like the hook filled first single “Wanting More” or the ballad “All I Go Looking For.” But, that’s not to say this album is void of emotion filled songs like only Perrone can write, like “Since You,” or the piano driven “Only We’ll Know.” Also noteworthy is the piano laced rock song “Here It Is” as well as the distinctive sounds of “Give In” that finds Perrone pushing his music in unique ways like he never has before. From start finish the 15 tracks that make up “Wake” will easily push Perrone to new levels as a solo artist. No longer will he be known as just the guy who used to sing in the Boston band Averi, but because of these release, he’ll soon be considered one of the best unsigned singer/songwriters in the Country.


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