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Ryan Cabrera

The Moon Under Water

Ryan Cabrera was on the bottom rung of the popular kids with his two major label releases, but what a difference three years can make. Both major releases did well for Cabrera and both releases were good albums; it’s just that it was never that cool to like Ryan Cabrera if you were also into music on the independent side of things. That was due to Cabrera’s involvement with the Simpson clan and MTV. That’s not exactly fair, but more or less the way things are. Because that happened a lot of people overlooked and cast out Cabrera’s work on Atlantic because they thought he was a cookie-cutter artist. Throwing a kink into the machine, Cabrera went off and became an independent artist, got an image makeover, and then proceeded to release his third album and his best work to date in “The Moon Under Water.” There is some different elements here to Cabrera’s work than what he’s done in the past- lots of keyboards and synth work exists on “The Moon Under Water” which you didn’t hear that much of on Cabrera’s previous work . Those two elements give the album a darker tone and feel than previous work and put Cabrera on the outside of the cookie-cutter singer/songwriter genre that we all thought he was doomed to be bunched in with for the rest of his career. Musically Ryan Cabrera’s sound has evolved and changed, even if his lyrics are still basically about the same thing- love lost- love gained- relationships in general. “The Moon Under Water” finally establishes Ryan Cabrera as an artist, something that he’s always been, but other matters have prevented him from being considered. Ryan Cabrera going independent was a smart move- going independent and releasing an artistic pop album that’s as good as this is was even smarter.


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