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Few bands dominated the world of mainstream rock like 10 Years did in 2006. “Wasteland” was a huge hit… and “Through the Iris” and “Waking Up” were great follow ups. Their fan base has waited patiently for a follow-up album for the past two years, and 10 Years has delivered with an ambitious set of songs on “Division.” “Division” falls short in some areas but ultimately succeeds in the one area the band needed to succeed at. The biggest thing with this record is it builds a strong identity for 10 Years. One of the big criticisms that the band had with their debut is that they were ultimately a Tool knock off. Not anymore. “Division” gives 10 Years its own identity- basically by doing what Tool does: thinking outside of one’s self to make an album that’s original but still holds true to what you do best. Whether it’s through piano work, a different melody, a different guitar line- 10 Years made its own identity on “Division.” And that instantly makes this album a successful follow up. Unfortunately 10 Years being ambitious with their creativity hurts them in spots. This album is incredibly artistic for a mainstream-rock record… we’re talking three minute lead-ins to songs, speech tracks, some 5-6 minute songs, weird beginnings to songs, weird endings to songs. And these artistic aspects of “Division” help and hurt the record. The bass lines in some of the tracks just don’t work- “Actions & Motives” namely; the bass line is fast and furious and pulls the weight of the song- but it’s a little offsetting more than anything- replace that bass with some rhythm guitar and you’ve got an excellent track. Bass can work that way it just didn’t work on that particular track. The three minute lead-in to “All Your Lies” is the other main artistic moment that doesn’t work on “Division”-It was generally just too long for what it was- (acoustic guitar with a speech track) and that made listening through it a bit of a chore. Little things like that keeps “Division” from being an album for the ages, but it doesn’t keep it from being a successful follow-up by one of the only true mainstream-rock bands going today.


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