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Your Vegas

A Town and Two Cities

So maybe naming your band after one of your songs is a European thing to do, but we'll excuse Your Vegas, because they're European. They're from a small suburb outside of Leeds, Scotland called Otley. Universal/Republic Records found the band in New York where lead singer Coyle Girelli and the rest of the band moved after a major label deal fell apart in the UK. Your Vegas is highly reminiscent of a lot of 80's music, most prominently Duran Duran- but the sound is modernized to sound a lot like The Bravery with some heavy influence from U2's The Edge on guitars. In fact, the four songs at the front of the band's album "A Town and Two Cities" actually sound like they could be on the radio 25 years ago. It's not necessarily a bad thing for Your Vegas- but it does force your ears to adapt to the music through the first minute of every song. The front four on the album are the heavy 80's-type tracks and after that the influences stays but gets toned down quite a bit. Sometimes Coyle Girelli's vocals force the song in that direction, but it's usually pulled back by some excellent guitar work by Mat Steel. Steel has a ton of awesome parts on this album with his key moment coming in with "Troubled Times"- his guitar riff right at the beginning of the track draws the listener in and Girelli's excellent melody throughout the song makes it an elite track. As for Girelli's best moment on the disc- he's a great lyric writer and he definitely has a knack for melodies- his best work comes in with "I Wish You Were Someone Else"- the chorus in that track is exceptional and the vocals are tremendous throughout. "A Town and Two Cities" is a good set from Your Vegas- the transitions from track to track are perfect and all of the songs are well written and excellently produced. Basically this is the album Duran Duran wishes that they put out this year instead of their opening band.


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