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I Will Go

The Christian genre of music has a place in music, but when bands are as good as Starfield is, one struggles to figure out why they are limiting their audience and what they can do by staying in the genre. Still, Starfield has a positive Christian message to say and that’s the genre they get bundled in. Generally the band is as talented as a band can get and on their new album “I Will Go” the one thing that impresses more than anything else is how tight they sound. Yes, it’s mostly production but each band mate is doing their part for the mix and each band mate did some great playing. On top of that playing Allen Salmon did a great job producing and Tim Neufield’s vocals are impressive to say the least- even his brother Jon’s backing vocals are impressive. The perfect example of everything working together perfectly in unison is “Hosanna.” It’s a U2-esque track that implements some electronics into a build song that hits into a great chorus. All of the tracks on Starfield’s “I Will Go” are listenable- even though the album does lose a little bit of its luster towards the end of the album. “The front five are worth checking out though. If you’re heavily into Christian music Starfield should be your favorite band. If you’re not that into Christian music- these guys are heavily preachy (not a bad thing) so it might not be your thing. Nonetheless- if you’re into good music and don't care what it says or like what it's saying you should definitely check out Starfield.


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