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Idiot Pilot combines Michael Harris’ Radiohead/Coldplay vocal stylings with Daniel Anderson’s programming and screamo work. And while the duo doesn’t always mesh perfectly they still combine to make an unparalleled artistic experience with their second album “Wolves.” Anderson’s programming is brilliant. I mention that first because most IP songs start with the programming done by Anderson and then Harris goes through and adds his work similar to what Postal Service does. Anderson’s programming is great throughout the album and where Harris adds guitar work it doesn’t take away from the programming- it elaborates it. Harris’ guitars aren’t incredible throughout the album, but they are very capable; where Harris earns his keep is through is vocal work- it’s amazing through the album and carries it most of the way when the music isn’t as good as it should be. While Idiot Pilot doesn’t have an official drummer in their group- they did have to very capable drummers working with them in the studio- Travis Barker and Chris Pennie- both guys are freaking amazing in spots on the album- you can’t tell the difference between a lot of the programming and a lot of the drum work because the drum work is so good. There are several great tracks on “Wolves”- “Last Chance”, “Elephant”, and “Retina and the Sky” are all awesome. And “Cruel World Enterprise” is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. The only times the album falls off at all is when Daniel Anderson goes into screamo mode- he’s good at it and I get that it’s part of their act- but it always surprises you when the screaming kicks in and it basically ruins a song. They shouldn’t get rid of the screamo part of their art, but they should definitely incorporate it better. All that aside, “Wolves” is a great album from Idiot Pilot and if you’re into Alternative Rock in general this is a band you have to check out.


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