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Mercy... Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy

The latest Ours effort is a little exhausting. Jimmy Gnecco is a talent, there’s no mistaking that. But Ours gets far too artistic for their own good and forgets to actually play music. The album is too long, lacks a lot of variety in sound, and rarely just rocks out. Gnecco is actually a great talent when it comes to writing lyrics and songs. His lyrics are memorable to say the least- “Ran Away to Tell the World” is Gnecco’s best lyrical work on the album and deserves to be examined closer by anyone who listens to the album. “Ran Away to Tell the World” and “Black” are the closest moments that Ours gets to just letting loose at the front of the album. The guitar solo on ’Ran Away’ is awesome but should have been extended into some instrumentation like Ours did briefly on “Black” before resorting to the speech track. The tracks at the end of the album are actually its strength. Maybe the bands not trying as hard and things are just coming for them with songs like “Saint” and “Live Again” but the album needs more moments like both of those songs. They’re strong structurally and Gnecco doesn’t sound as tightly-wound as he does at the front of the album. Ours is hindered by their own seriousness, which can make “Mercy” a long listen. Lightening up really isn’t in the cards for these guys, but they can have more fun with the music side of their art. This is an album that you can listen through a song or two at a time, but don’t expect to listen to this one from start to finish.


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