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When Angels and Serpents Dance

The new P.O.D. album has it’s good and it’s bad. The general mix of the album is terrible. P.O.D. is great live and otherwise, but for some reason the mix on this new album doesn’t do that sound justice. It’s not nearly as thick as it needs to be. That element partially hinders the album from the onslaught, and if it weren’t for a great batch of songs where P.O.D. shows a ton of versatility the album would have been ruined. There are some harder-edged metal tracks on the album, but in general “When Angels & Serpents Dance” is the band’s most mellow album to date. There’s an acoustic track- “Tell Me Why”, a reggae track- “I’ll Be Ready” and a Latino-blues track in “It Can’t Rain Everyday.” Even the songs at the beginning of the album that are supposed to be ‘hard’ (“Addicted”, “Shine With Me” and “Condescending”) end up being accessible by all. That could be due to a lack of thickening in the mixing process, but it’s more in the writing of the actual songs. It’s good that P.O.D. went away from rap-metal, even though they were always one of the few credible bands in the genre. They’ve adapted a sound that’s definitely more modern on this album and while a lot of their fans are probably moderately turned off by the new sound, the message is still the same and it’s still delivered with a lot of rock. Apart from the mixing problems this is an album that’s diverse and well-crafted, making it the best P.O.D. album since “Satellite” hit seven years ago.


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