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Aliens and Rainbows

Ferras’ "Aliens and Rainbows" is a proper introduction to a great singer/songwriter. Ferras takes a lot of the dramatic piano work from Elton John and Queen and then modernizes it with his own David Bowie spin to create some super contagious pop songs. Throw that in with some serious R&B vocal stylings similar to Blessid Union of Souls' Eliot Sloan and you've got a pretty good idea of what Ferras is all about. "Aliens and Rainbows" was produced by The Matrix and Gary Clark and while they both did amicable jobs in the production they also blew several parts of the album, "Soul Rock" was made into a Doobie Brothers track and the ending is a bit puzzling. And from track to track the writing is different and Ferras' voice is different, but the sound and the feel of the album is a little boring and constant (in a bad way) and leaves a little to be desired. The album isn't ruined by that fact and on a few tracks the pairing works perfectly ("Hollywood's Not America", "Something About You".) And that’s not discrediting the types of songs Ferras writes, because he can write a track. "Aliens and Rainbows" can be mistaken as a song written by Elton John and the piano work on "Something About You" is exceptional. "Dear God" is a little too dramatic in spots, but the chorus is amazing and the stripped-down and stellar "Take My Lips" is a passionate work that ends the album perfectly. While it has a few production flaws, "Aliens and Rainbows" is a great introduction to Ferras. Overall this is an excellent debut album from an artist we're sure to hear a lot from in the future. There are a few albums that everyone remembers listening to as introductions to great artists- this is one of those albums. With some more experience and another album under his belt, we will hear greatness from Ferras.


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