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Panic! at the Disco

Pretty. Odd.

Panic at the Disco’s new sophomore effort shows an insane amount of musical growth. To be honest, I didn’t think Panic was ever good enough to be considered legitimate, let alone supremely gifted. But I listened through “Pretty. Odd.” all the way through with my foot in my mouth. The album stems miles away from the band’s debut into territories that I didn’t think could be gone to by a popular band in 2008. The band still has insanely long song titles and a certain goofiness to their lyrics that’s uniquely identifiable with what they do, but musically this sounds like it was recorded in the 60’s with today’s production value. There are a ton of Beatles comparisons (yeah I said it.. listen to “Northern Downpour” and the focus on melody AND the INSANE harmonies on “That Green Gentleman”) to what Panic has done here and even some Manfred Mann (“Mad As Rabbits”) comparisons that can’t be left unsaid. There’s not a bad track on “Pretty.Odd.” nor a bad element. Vocals are outstanding, production is amazing, and short of a misguided line here and there the music is excellent. Even the interlude tracks are amazing and demand to be listened to. I was one of the people that thought that anything related to Fueled By Ramen couldn’t put out something this artistically intelligent, I was drastically wrong. This should launch Panic from the fame they got with their debut into superstardom. This is a great album and Panic at the Disco’s ambition here is worth noticing and appreciating.


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