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David Ford

Songs for the Road

David Ford brings a unique listening experience to his new album “Songs for the Road.” Most of the songs on the 9 track set are darker tracks sung by a man that’s not just sick of the world and depressed about it, he’s pissed about it too. The album opens up with “Go to Hell” where Ford plays the bad guy in a relationship where even though he wants to be with the woman he loves, he wants her to tell him to go to hell because he’s no good for her. This is the defining song of the set because it exhibits Ford’s delicate, almost James Blunt-like voice, but he’s singing about a darker theme where he shouldn’t sound as bright as he does. It’s an interesting contrast- light and dark with very few shades of gray. “Decimate” is another song with a darker theme to it, but the song sounds like an old Temptations song. The entire album is a tug-of-war experience because Ford’s voice is so striking, but his lyrics are so moody. Basically David Ford is Daniel Powter with more of a social conscience. Special mention needs to be made for “Requiem.” This is where Ford is pissed… severely pissed. Listen through the lyrics on that song and you’ll be moved. And when you hear Ford deliver them with a ton of passion you’ll become a fan. “Songs for the Road” is a listening luxury for anyone willing to give it a chance.


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