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He inked his record deal as a teenager, had to deal with balancing that and high school, some serious drug issues, and some serious parental issues, but Dan Hunter is still here and after the release of “Texas” he had to be on top of the world. It’s not the best album in the world but it’s got some great biographical lyrics by Hunter that make it stand out and his electronic work is nothing short of outstanding. Paul Durham has to be a fan of this guy. His mixes are outstanding. The beats on “Loco Commotion” and “I’m a Pirate, You’re a Princess” are intoxicating. And the single “Madi Don’t Leave” is as good of an electronic mix as I’ve heard and it really showcases Hunter’s ability to write a hook in the chorus. It also shows Hunter’s persistence with his passionate lyrics, which works well on songs like “Madi Don’t Leave” but falls short on songs like “Corner Office Bedroom.” Hunter’s debut album does show a lot of potential, but one has to wonder where the ceiling is for Playradioplay!. “Texas” is a good debut album, but where Hunter’s career will be made is with the next album. If he can become more consistent with his lyrics from track to track and get a little better at song writing, Playradioplay! can have a long and successful career in the world of music.


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