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**** Live in Phoenix

Fall Out Boy is the biggest band in the world right now, make no mistake about it. Pat Stump’s vocals mixed with generally how tight the band is collaboratively makes them an outstanding live act to go see. And they’ve delivered in the studio with two great albums. But talent alone isn’t why FOB is such a success; the band is so huge because they’re incredibly good to their fans. The band’s latest release, a live set, is a great example of that. “**** Live in Phoenix” is a CD/DVD release from FOB and Island/Def Jam and comes away as being one of the best CD/DVD releases to come out recently. There’s an incredible amount of content on the set; first and foremost on the CD are 14 quality live tracks with the band’s best work which was performed well by the band and recorded and mixed superbly. Then there’s also a cover track that FOB did with John Mayer that’s really solid as well. On the DVD there’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Honda Civic tour that’s entertaining, a ton of music videos, and the video version of the Phoenix concert. Fall Out Boy has done a great service to their massive amount of fans by providing this set that’s chuck-full of content. Usually these sets are released closer to Christmas time just as a way to make some extra money, but “**** Live in Phoenix” holds its own as a quality spring release, and that alone speaks volumes about where FOB is as an act and the work that Island/Def Jam did in supplying the amount of content it did for the fans.


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