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The Hush Sound

Goodbye Blues

The Hush Sound returns with their sophomore effort for Fueled by Ramen with one of the most unique pop albums to come out in recent memory. The four-part harmonies that made this band so unique the beginning are still here but they’re less prevalent and although guitarist Robert Morris’ songs are a strong part of what’s on this album the show on “Goodbye Blues” belongs to Gretchen Salpeter and what producer Kevin Augunas brought to the forefront with some excellent production on all things piano that the classically trained Salpeter did for the album. Morris’ songs are solid on “Goodbye Blues” but where the band is at its best is where Salpeter shows off her Fiona Apple type voice and her amazing piano work. Salpeter doesn’t have the range that Apple does, but the tone of her voice is eerily similar. Listen through “Hurricane” on this record and then “Criminal” and you’ll understand where the comparison comes in. Songs like “Honey” and “The Boys Are Too Refined” are incredibly impressive to listen through and showcase what Salpeter is capable of. Morris’ also has a couple of standouts on “Goodbye Blues”, namely “Medicine Man”, “As You Cry” and “Not Your Concern”- Some great tracks that put Morris’ capabilities on the forefront. With songs like the songs that appear on “Goodbye Blues” it’s hard to believe that The Hush Sound will be around for too much longer. Not because the songs are bad, but because they’re excellent. Morris and Salpeter will surely go their own ways before too long and more than likely be successful, they’ve both got the chops and the skills to do so. For now though, say goodbye to the blues with “Goodbye Blues” before Hush Sound fans will have goodbye blues.


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