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Home This Year

Fifteen years ago Virginia Coalition would be on your radio every hour. That’s not a knock, it’s more of a compliment, but really it just sucks. Their songs are excellent (I actually prefer the southern sounds of Virginia Coalition over Sister Hazel) and Virginia Coalition live is amazing. “Home This Year” is another great set from the band following “Ok to Go” and their greatest hits collection “The Bob Years.” The album starts out with the title track “Home This Year” and it’s outstanding. It has a “Solsbury Hill” sound to it and it sound’s amazing. In fact, that’s what “Home This Year” is- mostly Andrew Poliakoff singing with some steady guitar that has lots of ebbs and flows. It makes for a great listen and it compares well to what the band did with “OK to Go” where it was more of that southern-funk sound. Virginia Coalition is a great group- they deserve more attention than they get.


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