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Presidents of the United States of America

These Are Good Times People

The critics pegged the Presidents of the United States of America one-hit wonders because their songs were goofy and simple. Therefore Columbia and everyone involved with the band didn’t take themselves as seriously as they should have- the follow up to their self-titled debut was made and pushed out too early, (The Presidents debut was the 90s counterpart to “Frampton Comes Alive”- everybody had that album.) As a result- the album wasn’t nearly as good as the debut, the pushing of the record didn’t happen and the band basically went on hiatus after Chris Ballew left to spend more time with his family. They came back years later but it wasn’t the same… instead of becoming a LEGENDARY- not legendary- LEGENDARY rock group from the 90’s like Green Day they went into the grouping of Hootie & The Blowfish and the debut album one time deals. I talk about greatness with Presidents because the music is there. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what they do well; goofy punk songs on the mainstream side of things that are insanely catchy. The band’s latest album “These Are the Good Times People” is another disc of great tunes from the band. Every song is a foot tapping pleasure to listen to and listening through it makes you think about what could have been. Some of the band’s best work is here. “Mixed Up S.O.B.” and “Ladybug” are standard P.U.S.A. songs but they do the job, then the rest of the album impressively shows some growth and creativity. “Deleter” is a great example of that growth. It feels more like a Cake song than a Presidents song. That growth carries portions of the album that get stagnant, but If this was the band’s sophomore release they’d be flirting with greatness, instead one can only listen through and wonder what might have been…


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