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I’ll admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of The Summer Set. I liked some of what they’d done from a far and there were a few songs that I liked, but nothing they did really ever won me over. Fellow Arizona band The Maine has had a more impressive career – they evolved with every album while The Summer Set just did what they did and didn’t ever take the next step. With their new album, “Stories for Monday” the band has finally won me over and ironically enough, it’s an album that’s all about taking the next step, at least lyrically.

Musically, The Summer Set aren’t doing anything here that they haven’t done in the past. They use some piano here and there, but for the most part Brian Dales sings like he always has and the band relies on a pop sound with small hints of pop punk. Musically this album is fine, but it’s actually pretty damn impressive vocally and that’s what’s won me over. Here, Dales is singing about figuring out how to be an adult and accepting that you might have only a couple of days to act like you’re young – instead of a few years. There are some very adult themes for people who have aged along with the band the lyrics are relatable.

If there’s anything not to like with this album it’s that all of the songs aren’t as good as the tracks at the top of record. It loses a lot of momentum towards the end of the record.

Song placement is perfect, the lyrics are excellent, the music is pretty good, and the overall album is the best the band’s put out in my opinion. The Summer Set’s “Stories for Monday” is a good record that you’ll want to check out if you’re a fan of the pop genre from the 2006-2009 era.


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