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Lay Down the Law

The music industry is in its weirdest place at the beginning of 2008 since the old Napster was at its peak. Releases that were supposed to do amazing in 2007 came out flat. We’re seeing longer distances between second singles, a ton of 360 deals, and an alarming number of new artists legitimately breaking. I don’t know what’s in store for the industry in 2008, but somewhere this year we’re going to hear some bad news… Enter Switches into the argument, a good enough band, but a band that’s on the fringe of succeeding with their new record “Lay Down the Law” or banishing into one-and-off obscurity when a debut flops for a label. Frontman Matt Bishop is awesome- I will give that to Switches. He’s got a perfect voice for the UK crossover Rock that Switches plays and some of his songs are awesome… “Killer Karma” is a great tune and the single “Drama Queen” is one of the catchiest songs to cross the Atlantic since Franz Ferdinand hit. There are lots decent tracks on “Lay Down the Law” including the title track and “Snakes and Ladders”- both were steady additions to the disc. There aren’t a lot of dull moments on the album but for being praised as a hook-loaded band, “Lay Down the Law” is missing two or three good hooks to push it over the top. “Message For Yuz” misses the first time through and “Stepkids in Love” never comes close to hitting the mark. “Lay Down the Law” qualifies as being a good album but it also qualifies as being a fringe album. “Drama Queen” should be doing well as a single but it’s not doing anywhere near what it should be and the tie-in with Switches and the record industry is huge. If “Drama Queen” goes to a different format and does well in that area then it says the record industry is still in a decent position. If “Drama Queen” goes to a different format and never catches on and then “Lay Down the Law” is released as a single too and it flops as well, we’ll continue in the downward spiral that we’re in. The bottom line is Switches and “Drama Queen” deserves to be at the forefront, if it can’t get it there… more is wrong than we thought.


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