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Dawn of the Dude

International Time Travel With Magical Babes

Take one part Less Than Jake and one part Hellogoodbye and you've got.... Oort Record's Dawn of the Dud- a band out of Asheville, Carolina. The Less Than Jake comparison comes in because they've got two vocalists AND they do incorporate some trumpet into their music. The Hellogoodbye comparison comes in because they use a lot of synthesizer in their songs, and like Hellogoodbye they use that synthesizer in an 80's fashion. On songs like "Earthquake" and "The Here We Go Era" the synths add a completely different element to the music. I've heard Hellogoodbye being punk rock squared- if Hellogoodbye is punk rock squared- then Dawn of the Dude is punk rock cubed because their music has lots of elements and lots of layers to it. That being said, "International Time Travel with Magical Babes" isn't a life changing listen, but there's some quality melodic punk rock being offered up here. I will say that Dawn of the Dude needs to do a couple of things to succeed- drop one of their singers (which I've heard that one has left the band) it will help them out with their identity. And they need to tighten things up just a nudge musically and they'll be ready to hop into the mainstream of punk and do some serious damage.


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