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The Virginmarys


Their first new release in three years, Ally Dickaty and The Virginmarys are back with “Divides” a raucous rock album that features a new twist on grunge music with lots of crescendos and big sweeping songs that make the album a great listen.

As soon as the first bass lick is hit to open up the album with the song on “Push the Pedal” you know you’re in for something good. “Divides” is interesting because It’s a true rock album – there’s a lot of rock here – but it’s a more varied experience of the genre than what the band did with their debut. There’s a little bit of screaming, a couple of softer songs, and more than a fair amount of big sweeping build-up tracks that start slow and finish tense and strong. There’s a little bit of everything here and that makes this an album one that you’ll want to come back to. The variety will get you to come back and listen, but if you’re a fan of the band, listening to Ally Dickaty’s vocal is what’s made you a fan in the first place. His vocal is rasp and harsh and it’s unlike anything else going right now. He’s a perfect rock vocalist. If you’re not solely a fan of Dickaty’s vocal, then you’re probably a big fan of the band’s songs. The great thing about the last album was that it came packaged with an acoustic version– then you could see how great the songs were in their raw/stripped form. If you take away the layers of production here, the songs are similarly structured and they’re all tremendous.

“Divides” is an exceptional listen for rock fans. If you like modern electro-washed stuff exclusively, then this probably isn’t for you but if you’re into rock music with a strong vocal and some badass guitars then you’ve found the right album with The Virginmarys’ sophomore release.


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