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Ingrid Michaelson

Girls and Boys

In a year where the female singer/songwriter is in a bit of renaissance Ingrid Michaelson is added to the list of new vocalists to come out this year and she's near the top of the heap when it comes to both talent and originality. Her vocals are great- her voice is like honey. Sweet enough to draw you in and want it, but subtle enough so that's now overpowering and too much. More impressive than her vocals are her compositions. The intricate piano work makes the record what it is; it's not just the heart of the record but also the soul and while the guitar work isn't overly complex, it's simplicity is a refreshing contrast to Michaelson's voice and the piano work. Musically and vocally speaking "Girls and Boys" is spectacular and Michaelson's song writing skills are top-notch as well. She takes a lot of risks with her song-structures but at the very root of each song is a hook that's catchy are a subtle bridge that will draw in the listener "Die-Alone" is a perfect example of what's done best on "Girls and Boys."Ingrid Michaelson's success can be partially credited to her songs being placed on TV- Old Navy commercials and Gray's Anatomy have helped her in a big way. There's a reason why more and more people are using TV placement to both make money and get promotion for music; because it works. Ingrid Michaelson is the one of the latest examples of that.


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