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More than six years is how long it took Fireflight to reach the masses and from what I’ve heard from the band, I’m incredibly surprised that it’s taken this long especially after being as impressed as I was with just about everything to this record. Fireflight’s “Unbreakable” isn’t entirely complete, but it comes close to being so. The production is tight and near flawless, the songs are well-written for the most part, and vocals done by Dawn Richardson are amazing. Fireflight gets a lot of comparisons to Evanescence and Flyleaf because of Richardson being a female vocalist, but really where the comparison comes in is with energy and content. Fireflight’s title track on “Unbreakable” the definite peak of the record is a great single, it’s got the potential to be a smash-hit (as somebody told me first), and it’s where the Evanescence comparison comes in the heaviest. Amy Lee’s first hit came with “Bring Me To Life” a Christian song that’s uplifting in sound and in its words and you can’t tell me that “Unbreakable” and even “You Gave Me a Promise” don’t use the same formula. Regardless of comparisons, Flyleaf has thrown together a great album with a strong showing of songs and the potential for a huge hit in “Unbreakable, this is something that’s worth your time- sooner rather than later.


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